Monday, December 1, 2008

Online retailers relying more on coupons to ring in sales.

With Online retail sales failing this month for the first time since sales there have been tracked, Internet retailers are offering deep discounts and free shipping to shoppers willing to do a little work to secure secret coupon codes or "referrals."
Finding Online bargains have become a true sport for some people and a cohort of coupon sites have sprout to help bargain hunters satisfy their obsession.
The offerings from these sites with catchy names like RetailMe,,, etc, vary from one to another. But they almost all function as repository of coupon codes submitted by readers or retailers themselves. In that regard , seems to have the most comprehensive listing according to the New York Times. It goes even further by offering a add-on feature available to users of the Firefox Web browser that alerts them when the e-commerce site they are visiting has a promotion on a a particular item. Most of the sites offer a platform for feedbacks where users can share their experience on past coupons and swap tips.
These sites generate revenues with a combination of different sources like commissions from retailers who made a sale thanks to them, referral fees and advertising among others.

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