Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's On app transforms your mobile devices screen into a digital TV guide.

When away from the TV and wanting to know what's on ahead of time, there is a way to do just that if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad thanks to an app called What's On.
The app will let you browse listings from local television, cable or satellite channels.
What's On also lets you mark certain programs as favorites which comes handy for knowing when they are on. Another interesting feature of What's On is the ability to see movies showings at local theatres. According to, you can use What's On to browse TV listings by time or channel, even use a feature called push notifications so to receive an alert notifying you when your favorite show is about to start.
What's On used to have two versions: one paid one that was free of ads and a free ads supported one. But a new version called 2.0 was just released and the paid version was dropped paving the way for just one version with more features like movies trailers clips.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Microsoft Hotmail Wave 4 to start being rolled out today.

In a post in its Windows Live blog, Microsoft announced today that it has started rolling out Hotmail Wave 4 to its users worldwide. The upgraded service includes a new feature called Sweep whose purpose is to clean-up inboxes, offers an integration with Microsoft's new Office Online Apps among others. Another noticeable feature is a windows showing conversations just like on Gmail.
With the new Hotmail, emphasis was put on integrating users's social network activity with content from such sites as Flickr, Hulu or Pandora. According to AppScout, the new Hotmail offers Instant Messaging and text message via the Web.
The new Hotmail will be rolled out in phases starting today with Microsoft goal to have all accounts upgraded by summer end, still according to AppScout.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

For people who may be addicted to Twitter, a new Web service called Kabutr offers a way to stay current on what's going on on their account without even logging in.
To use the new service, individuals would have to logging to their Twitter account and grant the Kabutr, access to their account. From there, will watch your Twitter stream and send any new tweet to your e-mail address in the form of messages.
And if you can't resist the urge to post your own tweet, will let you do it via e-mail as well. To avoid being overloaded by messages, the service urges users to create and use filters
and basic rules so to keep all your Kabutr messages in one place where they could be accessed.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone 4 new antenna is designed to improve calls quality.

The new iPhone 4 slated to go on sale June 24, is much improved in one area: signal strength and reliability. The big improvement is the consequence of a design change with the phone antenna wrapped around the frame instead of being buried under the shell.
With the new design, iPhone owners should experiment less dropped calls at a better quality according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swype text-input application now available for download for all Android phones.

Most Android phones owners who were lucky enough to own a model with Swype, the text-input application pre-installed, have fallen in love with the application. That have created some sort of Swype-envy among the do-not have. Now, that is about to change with the company opening up the possibility for any Android phone owner to experience the thrill of swyping as the practice of forming words on a phone screen by tracing the letters, is called.
Starting today, any Android phone owner can download the application from the company Website (it is not available in the Android Marketplace) but only for a limited time and with a limited features said
For the first time, Swype will provide support in Spanish and Italian. And for people wondering what Swype is, there is a video tutorial on

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ning adds new e-commerce and gaming revenue channels for its members.

A couple of months after phasing out the free part of its platform, Ning has just announced some new tools for its network of members in an effort to give them more opportunities to monetize their sites. The new ventures are in partnership with do-it yourself brand promotion CafePress and social gaming startup Heyzap. With the new initiative, network creators can now integrate Customs CafePreess shops directly into their networks and sell their branded products to their members or to the general public. The same is true with Heyzap with the possibility for network creators to add Hayzap pay-to -play games onto their networks. Ning will get a cut for each transaction with either platform. Another platform, Chipin, was also added, allowing network creators to raise funds and collect donations from their members for their chosen causes without Ning getting any cut. Ning executives are saying that these new revenue avenues are just the beginning of what they promise to be a string of numerous revenue channels, techcrunch reports.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi at all its locations.

Starting July 1, Starbucks will offer free Wi-Fi internet access to all its customers at all its locations in the U.S. The move is in response to a similar one by McDonald who earlier this year offered free wireless Internet service to its customers in its effort to still business from the coffee chain. The Starbucks new free Wi-Fi offer will take over from a patchwork of confusing plans.
On top of the general Internet acces which will be be offered trough the same provider, AT&T, Starbucks will offer free access to some otherwise paid content like the paid portion of the Wall Street Journal or Zagat, the restaurant review site. Starbucks also plans to use the service as a virtual network where content from select business based on their proximity to the Starbucks locations, will be available.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Social e-mail plugin Xobni to be sold in stores next to Office 2010.

Already widely used in the download form, Xobni e-mail marketing plugin is now being sold in boxed version in selected stores alongside Microsoft Office 2010 software. The version in sale in store, is the premium or Xobni Plus which the company unveil led last year in limited stores.
"The boxed software, which will be featured in stores right next to the newly released Microsoft Office 2010 software, will be sold at Office Max, Fry’s and a few other brick and mortar establishments, putting Xobni in 3,500 stores in total. Xobni Plus will also be sold on Amazon," according to TechCrunch; it will sell for $29.95, the same price as Online.
for the boxed set will be the same as it is online: a one time fee of $29.95.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Tools to help find the best AT&T data plan deal.

With the recent announcement by AT&T that it non longer provides unlimited data usage to smartphone owners, chances are some customers are left wondering how that will affect them financially. A best place to start is by knowing what your needs are so you don't end up over paying for something that you don't use or maybe equally worse, find yourself maxed out of your allocated data capacity. So to get it just right, there are some tools able to help you buy the correct data plan. One tool is offered by AT&T itself in the form of an app and it is called my Wireless. It provides data usage right from the app, or the user can choose to dial *DATA# (*3282#) and receive a text message detailing a device's data consumption. For more details, customers can log on to at&
Others tools are offered by companies like and which can analyse your bill and recommend a data plan regardless of the carrier according to the NYTimes.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Image Spark is a free Web service that lets you save and share images Online.

When surfing the Web, if you come cross some interesting imagery and want to save and share them, a new service called Image Spark will allow you to do just that. After you sign up with the free service, the next step is to set up an account where to store images you like and create a library of images by using the tools made available by the service. Each user will be given 1 GB of storage and two "moodboards" or what the service calls specific galleries that can be made public or private.Another interesting aspect of the service, is the existence of a community of users with which you can share what you have saved, get their feedback or browse their own gallery.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kno is a combination tablet, e-reader aiming to take the place of college textbooks.

With the rising popularity of the iPad and the already established e-readers, tech entrepreneurs everywhere have been scrambling , to come up with the next big hit, if not, to break into the market. In that context, a new entrant made its public debut last week with a demo. Called Kno, it is from Chegg the college textbook rental start-up. Trying to build a niche in the college market, the Kno sets itself apart from the rest of e-readers and tablets out there with its two built digital screens that allow students to view textbooks in the same way they would with analog versions. Its two 14-inch screens are big enough to display two facing textbook pages without the need to scroll. It comes with a stylus to take notes with and a Web browser with Flash support.
The company behind the Kno plans to release a test version in the fall and target the end of the year for its commercial debut with the goal to keep the price under $1,000.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glyde marketplace is a convenient way to donate money to favorite charities without writing a check.

People who own score of video games but are short in cash and want to donate money to their favorite charity, they do not have to look any further than their basement and their collection of old games gathering dust. A new Online marketplace called Glyde has in fact created a new simple way to donate money to charities by selling used games without being involved in the act of selling.
To do so, all they need to do is log on to and create an account and list any used game for sale. After that, they type-in the name of any 501(c)(3)charity they choose to donate to all or part of the proceeds of the sale according to After the item sells, will send the seller a prepaid enveloppe with the name and address of the buyer for them to mail-in the item. Once the buyer receives the item, Glyde to which the payment was made, will write a check to the charity indicated, only keeping 10% of the proceeds.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Free desktop widgets to keep up with World Cup action.

Soccer fans all around the world can keep up with all the latest news related to the tournament in South Africa thanks to a variety of free desktop widgets, gadgets and browser add-ons according to the New York Times.
They are offered by soccer governing body and can be downloaded free from FIFA site.
They can be used to deliver tournament news right to a blog or a Facebook, My Space or iGoogle page.
People using the Firefox browser, can use an add-on called FootieFox available at, to check the latest results.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mobile apps for watching World Cup games on your cell phone.

With FIFA World Cup soccer tournament starting today, there are not many people with the luxury of sitting around and watch all 64 matches leading to the finale. But with most people owning a smartphone, there is an opportunity to catch up here and there with the action if you have the right phone, or are with the right carrier, or have the right app. The list of situations in which a lot of people may fall in, is exhaustive. The New York Times has compiled a detailed network by network list of most options. Here are a few cases:
With ATT&T, "iPhone owners can buy a $8 upgrade to the ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup app and receive live audio and commentary and almost-live video highlights" the New York Times said. For iPhone owners who want more than just highlights, they can download the free MobiTV app which for $10 a month, will allow them to watch all games from ESPN Mobile.
For Verizon subscribers, the situation is a little more complicated since the nature of the phone they use play a great role the Times says. For most customers, a $10 a month subscription to V Cast Video open the door for watching a limited number of games on ESPN, or if you speak Spanish, all 64 games on the Spanish channel Univision, the New York Times said.
Sprint customers can watch 56 games live from ESPN Mobile via Sprint TV service on most of the carrier phones.
Without its own brand of mobile TV, T-Mobile users who own the new HTC HD2 will be able to watch the games on their device thanks to MobiTV the Times said.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010 and other videos resumes services help create impressive presentations for job seekers.

In this tight job market, anything that can help job seekers to have an edge and land that interview, is a plus. In that context, video resumes are emerging as an interesting avenue worth exploring and several companies have positioned themselves as the leaders in that area.
These companies require job seekers to register with them and then use their computers' web cams to record their videos. Once recorded, the multimedia resumes will be uploaded to the sites with links forwarded to potential employers.
The Wall Street Journal tested four different video resumes sites and found that two of them require that users type in manually all their information that would go on a traditional resume, while some of them are more hands on than others.
The four sites tested were:,, and Among the three, only was a free service while the three others charge fees of $8 or $50.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unhub Web-service allows you to create a landing-page for all your Web activities.

If you are an active Web user with a heavy presence in social network sites and want a central point to go to access all the sites that you frequent the most, may appeal you.
Described by AppScout as "part personal landing page, part quick-access to your presence on the Web," is like a parking place for all your profiles in social networking sites, blogs and other places. You can use it as your start page and have a "personal profile bar" at the top of the page with links to all the services you've linked for a quick access right from the browser.
The personal profile bar has a unique URL that you can link to all your social network or personal blogs or sites. Doing so will give you a central point that links to all your points of interest, allowing you to choose where to go from there, just like a remote control.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4 enveilled to the public for the first time.

Weeks after the the lost iPhone's saga and the mini drama that enfolded, Apple finally unveiled the new iPhone called iPhone 4, yesterday. From the exterior, the new phone is thinner than the previous one thanks to its stainless frame that serves also as an antenna.
One of the phone striking new features are its two cameras, including a front-facing one that allows video chats thanks to the FaceTime video chat utility. It gives you a full-screen view of your caller and puts your head in a little thumbnail on the same screen. The new iPhone 4 has a bigger battery that allows for seven hours of talk time.
Another thing that spurs excitement, is the fact that the operating system dubbed iOS 4, allows users to run more than one application at a time.
The iPhone 4 will go on sale June 24 in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan. In the U.S., it will cost $199 with a two years contract with AT&T which remained as the exclusive carrier for the iPhone. Another hundred dollars would provides an iPhone model with additional storage.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Annual hotel ranking lists luxury hotels still charging for Wi-Fi.

It may be hard to believe but certain luxury hotels still charge for in-room Internet access, according to the blog which just released its annual hotel WI-Fi ranking.
On the list, is Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts which charges about $10 a day, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group($18 a day); at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a subsidiary of Marriott International,Wi-Fi access will cost you about $10 a day. An exception to the list is Peninsula Hotels which includes the price of Internet access in its room rates world-wide, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010 is a member-only site for reservations and discounts at high-end restaurants.

Inspired by sites like that offer overstock inventory from designers clothes to members only, VillageVines is trying to do the same with high-end restaurants. The site went live last week with New York, where else? as the first market. concept is very simple: anyone can register for free and there is no obligation to purchase anything; when to use the service is exclusively at the sole discretion of users.
Once registered, users will pay $10 every time they have plan to use the service to reserve a table at one of the most exclusive or popular restaurants in the city with the list of restaurants featured, changing every day. In return, they will get an hassle free guaranteed reservation on some pre-determined days of the week- Sunday through Thursday generally, and some weekends occasionally- and discounts between 25 percent to 30 percent off their dinning bills.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lifeline with AutoAlert will detect a fall and automatically call for help.

With a staggering 13 million of older Americans who fall each year, it is no surprise that a big industry has sprung around that fact of life. Faced with the prospects of an elderly loved one falling at home and unable to get up or summon help, the next best thing for a relative, is to rely on some devices that can be activated or better yet can self active themselves and call for help in such circumstances. Philips is one of several companies that that offer devices that can be pressed by the fallen person to call for help. Known for its LifeLine brand of monitoring devices, now, the company is offering a new device called AutoAlert that can detect a fall and summon help automatically.Worn around the neck, LifeLine AutoAlert uses accelerometers and pressure sensors to detect a person's fall and call for help within 30 seconds. LifeLine says that the AutoAlert which has bee available since April, has a 95 percent accuracy and will cost $13 a month on top of the basic monitoring fees.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Microsoft's Kin phones are fun-centered and very convenient .

When speaking of smart phones, it is more likely that names like iPhone, Blackberry will come to mind. Microsoft which until recently dominated the sector with phones running its operating system, has never been seen itself as a house name when it comes to the actual hardware. But the computer operating system giant has been lately redirecting its focus in the smart phones business and has recently come up with two products that received high marks from reviewers.
The products in question are the Kin One and Kin Two smart phones that arrived on the market May 13 and are offered exclusively by Verizon Wireless.
They are priced at $50 and $100 respectively after a $100 mail-in rebate and a two year contract .
According to the Wall Street Journal who has reviewed them, the Kin phones come with some neat features such as a "2.6-inch square touch screen that responds to gestures like swiping, pinching, double tapping, dragging and dropping."
But according to the Wall Street Journal, the most interesting feature of the Kin smartphones, is their connection with Kin Studio, "an online repository for activities performed with the devices, laid out in a timely fashion."
What sets the Kin Studio apart, is the fact that it acts like a time machine for your phone by storing everything you do with the phone, Online in your private personal space. The cool part is that all the storing and archiving of all your activities, is done automatically with no input at all from the user. All pictures and videos captured with the phone, appear on your personal space five minutes afterwards. Even your contacts , phone calls and text messages are stored and archived automatically. And this may be the icing on the cake, all your data is accessible from any Internet connected computer from anywhere in the world regardless where your Kin phone is. You access your personal account using a password and username chosen when you first set up the phone right after purchase.

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